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    "When out shopping my 2-year-old often attacks other children."
    We know by now that many 2-year-old are lightly loaded with social skills. When out in public some push, nip or throw insults at aome innocent infant teh pass. This does not come with premeditated malice, it just happens. It may appear a great worry at the age of 2 but don't despair, it will not last long. Socialisation will usually have set in within 6 months or a year at most.

    - When concerned keep the toddler tightly in tow.

    Yo lo traduje así: Cuando esté preocupado mantenga al infante estrictamente a remolque.
    Pero ¿qué significa exactamente in tow? creo que es llevar alzado al infante cuando va de compras pero no estoy segura, y tampoco estoy segura si se puede decir remolcar a una persona, nunca escuche esa expresión: a remolque?

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    In this context, "in tow" means "under control".
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    De la mano, o al menos al alcance.

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