in un luogo diverso rispetto a quelli menzionati

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Lisa-English Student

Good afternoon,

I have a doubt about how to better express the concept “ un luogo diverso rispetto a quelli menzionati” in English.
In your opinion is it better to write:”in another place than the ones mentioned”, “in a place different from the ones mentioned” or “in a different place from the ones mentioned”?
My intention is to be as formal as possible.
Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions!
Devi inserire solo la frase ORIGINALE nel titolo del thread, non la tua traduzione
Come devo scegliere i titoli delle discussioni?
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  • rhitagawr

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    Welcome to the forum, Lisa-English. I'm not keen on your first suggestion. It sounds a bit clumsy, although I suppose you could make out a case for it. Your second suggestion could be interpreted as a different kind of place and not just another place. Your third suggestion would work. In a place other than the ones mentioned sounds a bit more formal.
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