in vītā mānsiō

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What does "in vītā mānsiō" mean? "The act of staying is in life."?

mānsiō = infinitive from "to stay" (present tense 1s: maneō)
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    Cicero de Finibus
    Itaque his mediis etiam excessus e vita et in vita mansio moderanda est, ut
    interdum sapienti e vita discedendum sit, cum sit beatissimus, stulto manendum,
    quamvis sit miser, dum modo pluribus naturalibus fruatur
    The passage is discussed in D Daube - Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 1977
    When Cicero discusses the merits of excessus e vita et in vita mansio, obviously a rendering
    of the Stoic exagoge tou biou [k]ai mnone en toi bioi, the meaning is still "removal from life and
    continuance in life"
    All the above via Google Scholar.

    So, to answer the OP's question, it means staying alive, as opposed to committing suicide.
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