in via preliminare e nel rito

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  1. Mary72 Member

    Hi everybody!
    I'm translating into English a letter rogatory.
    In the part resuming the plaintiff's claim, there are some points to translate.
    One of these points is: "IN VIA PRELIMINARE E NEL RITO:"
    Since I'm to be very concise, I'm not sure about the best solution...
    What do you think about:
    "Preliminarily and on the proceeding"?
    Waiting for your precious suggestions, I thank u very much in advance!
  2. GavinW Senior Member

    British English
    Can we have the full context, please? Thanks.
  3. Mary72 Member

    As I told before, I'm translating into English a letter rogatory.
    It is composed points:
    (I.E. sender, addressee, nature of the case, etc)
    The 8. point is:
    "Riassunto della domanda dell'attore" and in this point, such as in the following "riassunto della domanda del convenuto" (reporting the main point of the statement of claim) there is a list of subpoints.
    Now I cannot mention here the full context...
    "1: In via preliminare e nel rito: accertata la connessione soggettiva e la identità delle questioni da risolvere...;
    2. in via principale e nel merito: accertato che l'attore...
    3. in via subordinata e nel merito: accertata la nullità...
    4. in via ulteriormente subordinata e nel merito: nell'ipotesi in cui la convenuta...
    Hence, I was thinking to put:
    1. Preliminarily upon the proceeding:
    2. Mainly upon the merits:
    3. Subordinately upon the merits:
    4. further subordinately upon the merits.
    Sorry but, for privacy, I can tell any more...
    Hoping somebody may help me, thanks a lot in advance...
  4. DonatellaT Senior Member

    Italy - Italian Language
    qualcuno può rispondere?
  5. CJosie Senior Member

    English UK/ Maltese
    Just found this old thread. I know that 'in via preliminare' is 'As a preliminary matter'. I also have the same ones and I need number 4, a bit different: I need 'in via ulteriormente preliminare' please. Thanks

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