In vitro autodiagnostic test

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Hello !
For my work I need to translate from French : "Test in vitro d'autodiagnostic" thant I first translate in English "In vitro autodiagnostic test".
It's needed for a pregnancy test packaging.

Could anyone help me to translate it to German ?

Thanks a lot !
  • Frank78

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    Without context, translations are always difficult.
    Steht doch da: "Schwangerschaftstest". ;)

    It's quite difficult to find a suitable translation if you HAVE TO point out that this test is performed outside the body. "In-vitro" woulnd't be understood by the majority of people and even if they do they'll wonder if they have to pee in a glass. :D

    Perhaps "Schwangerschafts(selbst)test zur äußerlichen Anwendung".


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    This intrigues me because I once worked in this field.

    I want to say "In-vitro Selbstbestimmungstest". (I may be way off---I'm just trying to remember.)

    I see a bit of a difference between what the package says, and what it says in the fine print.

    The package name tends to be more consumer-oriented.
    The fine print tends to be more clinical.

    I have a feeling the OP is asking more about the fine print.


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    Im fachlichen Bereich spricht man meist von "Selbsttest", nicht von "Selbstbestimmungstest". Bei Schwangerschaftstests und anderen Tests aus Urin kenne ich den verbreiteten Ausdruck "Urin-Schnelltest". Siehe #4.
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