in wedded grooviness

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Hi friends, please read this.

“Is there anyone here who knows why these lovebirds should not be united in wedded grooviness?”asked Mr. Louie. “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

(My Weird School 20, Dan Gutman)

I wonder if the “in wedded grooviness” means “in marriage”.

Many thanks in advance.
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    The traditional wedding ceremony has, ""Should anyone here present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace."
    This appears to be a (hippie) wedding ceremony from the 1960s spoken in a jokey way.

    It mixes slang and other idiom.


    The usual idiom is "wedded bliss". "groovy" is slang from the 1960s.

    Definition of wedded bliss
    : the happiness experienced by people who are married
    Definition of WEDDED BLISS
    groov•y /ˈgruvi/ adj., -i•er, -i•est.
    1. Slang Terms fashionably attractive;
      great:groovy music; a groovy car.
    groovy - Dictionary of English
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    It's more hippie-talk from Mr. Louie.

    Groovy was a slang word for something good or desirable, especially a situation.

    - Here's some food, eat all you want.
    - Groovy!


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    I wonder if the “in wedded grooviness” means “in marriage”.
    Here "grooviness" means about the same as "happiness".

    As others point out, it is hippy slang, so it is very unusual at a wedding. I attended a wedding between hippies, and this kind of slang was not used.
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