in which the case for pragmatism

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Hello everyone,
could anybody make the sentence below clearer to me please?
"Indeed, we have entered a new age of ideology, in which the case for pragmatism, rather than shared values, is increasingly difficult to make."
The Kingdom and the Power
My interpretation: Genuinely, we have entered a new age of ideology, in which support for pragmatism, in place of shared values, is increasingly diffifult to make."
Thanks in advance.
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    I would add that "Indeed" is really just emphatic, and need not be translated as "Genuinely", but aside from that your interpretation looks just fine.


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    It's not "support," but "an argument." It is now hard to argue convincingly that pragmatism is as important as shared values.


    From our dictionary for "case" as a noun:

    7. a stated argument used to support a viewpoint: He presented a strong case against the proposed law.
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