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"In 1904 at the World's Fair in St. Louis a man from Texas sold hamburger steak in roll. Then people could eat it with their hands.""
My question:
- When is "in" used and when is "with" used?
- What do they indicate?
Thanks very much.
  • panjandrum

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    In this example in means inside. If he had served steak with a roll, rather than in a roll, they would have been separate.

    Then people could eat it with their hands. Well, now that you make me think about this sentence it seems really strange. You might think that they would eat it with their mouths, but no:) - and it doesn't mean they could eat it at the same time as they were eating their hands (yet he might have said they could eat it with ketchup).
    In this sentence, with means using, by means of ... This is definition #37 for with in the Oxford English Dictionary:)
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