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I was reading comments on a newspaper article and came across these expressions:

"I wish you well in your quest."- Shouldn't it be "on your quest"?
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This left me confused.

Thank you.
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  • owlman5

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    "In your quest" looks possible to me, euadoropao. "On your quest" is probably more common in that phrase, but "in your quest" could mean "during your quest" in that remark.


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    I agree with owlman5 - although "on" might be more faithful to the original meaning of "quest", I think that in modern usage either "in" or "on" can be used.


    portuguese- Portugal
    Like in my other post in this section, I posted this in a hurry, not even putting the quote in proper context.

    In one of the news of the sports section of the Guardian, someone was ranting about a particular football team's centre-backs to which an user replied telling him (or her) he was wrong and advising him to do some "proper research". Said user ended his post with a sarcastic "I wish you well in your quest".

    I thought it had to be unequivocally "on your quest" (even conducted some lame research on google and reinforced that notion), but I see I was wrong.
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    Beryl from Northallerton

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    Excellent context, by the way, euadoropao. I suppose you could say 'on' here, and there may be a nuance that I can't express, but I wouldn't have batted an eyelid at seeing 'in' here.


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    I think you go on a quest, but spend time in a quest.

    Quests were all about riding for months in strange lands, slaying dragons and finding the Holy Grail, etc - this is going on a quest. The extended (and more civilised) form has developed into quests for knowledge, etc. in which you sit in a library in front of a computer - this is being involved in a quest.

    Thus I agree with "I wish you well in your quest."