Inadeguatezza della parola

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    How do I translate these words?

    Le tendenze furono la scoperta dell’inadeguatezza della parola ad esprimere la realtà che risulta essere frantumata ed inesprimibile, fino alla negazione della stessa parola, sostituita dal gesto come fonte di linguaggio capace di esprimere i punti di crisi.

    The result was the finding of the words deficiency in expressing a reality which is shattered and inexpressible: word is denied ansd substituted with gesture, more suitable to express crisis.

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    Hi Polipetto,

    "words deficiency" doesn't sound right. I would stay with "inadequacy of words" - not because it is literal, but because in English "inadequate" is the word we use when saying that words are insufficient to describe something:

    Example: "He had not seen her for years, yet he was again struck by her inner grace and beauty, and by how inadequate were words to express them".

    PS: best continue using words in the plural in the second part too.

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