inasmuch as it is rigidly enforced by the dock-masters

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Hi folks, this is cited from Redburn by Hermann Melville (1849)
Question: From the sentence “inasmuch as it is rigidly enforced by the dock-masters” Should I understand or conclude this “these laws are not enforced rigidly in New York as well as in Liverpool?

As it is against the law to throw the least thing overboard, even a rope yarn; and as this law is very different from similar laws in New York, inasmuch as it is rigidly enforced by the dock-masters; and, moreover, as after discharging a ship's cargo, a great deal of dirt and worthless dunnage remains in the hold, the amount of rubbish accumulated in the appointed receptacles for depositing it within the walls is extremely large, and is constantly receiving new accessions from every vessel that unlades at the quays.
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