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    Hola. ¿Alguna idea de cómo traducir las palabras en negrita al español en la siguiente conversación sobre principios de marketing?

    - Yes, and don’t forget that marketing activities include inbound and outbound marketing.
    - What's the difference?

    - Market research, for example, is an example of inbound marketing because it's about trying to discover what groups of potential customers are out there, what their needs are, which of those needs you can meet, how you should meet them, etc.
    - Would you include checking out the competition, positioning your new product or service, and pricing under this same category too?
    - Yes we do. Whereas outbound marketing is all to do with promoting a product through ongoing advertising campaigns, promotions, public relations and sales. I hope that's helped a little.

    ¡Muchas gracias!
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    Paris, France
    Castilian Spanish / Asturian
    Muchas gracias pops91710.
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    inbound marketing, o marketing de atracción, permisivo, el consumidor busca la marca y no al contrario.
    Outbound marketing es un marketing intrusivo, invasivo
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    Para completar la explicación de Mavi, solo añadir que se refiere a dos formas de entender el marketing.

    Inboud marketing es un tipo de marketing que se basa en atraer al cliente hacia tu producto, ofreciéndole información relevante y útil a través de blogs, mails, cursos, etc.

    El outbound marketing sería el marketing tradicional, que busca al cliente a través de anuncios, publicidad, etc.

    Un saludo

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