Incapacidad v. Discapacidad

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    Which of these two words would be the best translation for the word "disability"? I'm looking for the proper translation in the context of education: students with disabilities that require accomodations and modifications in their schooling.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Yo creo que las ambas sirven pero usaría incapacidad.
    Por ejemplo, incapacidad física o incapacidad mental
  3. pitivw

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    1. f. Limitación para llevar a cabo ciertas actividades provocada por una deficiencia física o psíquica:
    I really think discapacidad is the best way to translate disabilty in that context.
  4. porotavirtual New Member

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    Hi Itzpapalotl!

    By the word's context, I think it would be better to use "discapacidad" because it means that someone has difficulties to perform a task (caused by physical illness, for example) but in fact, he/she can do it.
    On the other hand, "incapacidad" means not being able to do something. Is quite a strong word, and not very appropiate in that phrase.

    Hope that helps!
  5. Itzpapalotl New Member

    Thank you very much to everyone!

    porotavirtual...thank you for your thorough response. It helped greatly!

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