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I was looking at the example sentence for inchangé (toujours le même); and, I believe I see a mistake in the following sentence: Le place est inchangée depuis mon enfance. Shouldn't it read: La place est inchangée depuis mon enfance., instead? Apart from just an intuitive understanding of une place as a feminine noun, the verb agrees the subject being feminine even though it's written the masculine form (look at the double "e" i.e. "ée" at the end of inchangée). So, I believe it is indeed supposed to be la place, not le place. By the way, I am not a linguist or an expert, so, excuse any misuse of grammar terminology.
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    A quick follow-up to the question regarding inchangé. Ops. I meant adjective. haha. The verb would be être as in est before inchangée in the example sentence; however, my question still stands.


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    Thank you for your message, and please don't worry about getting the terminology right. Your message was perfectly clear anyway (and nice clear messages are very welcome). I'll pass this over to our FR base to correct the error.