inches are divided in....

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  1. Yuribear

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    Hi, can somebody tell me how the inch is divided? I mean I know there are 12 inches to a foot, but how many ????? are there in an inch? There must be some kind of measurement, like there are 10 milimetres in 1 cm.

    Is there something bigger than a micro-inch (equivalent 1 000 000 per inch)?

    Thanks for your help!:D
  2. jabogitlu Senior Member

    Inches are divided into 1/8 of an inch ("eighths of an inch")

    Eighths are divided into sixteenths of an inch (1/16).
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    I agree with jabogitlu -- I don't know of any smaller division than the inch except divisions of the inch -- o sea, no hay algun otro nombre, nada mas fracciones del inch.

    saludos --
  4. Yuribear

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    Español, Mex-USA
    Thanks jabogitlu. Do the 1/8's have a name or are they just called "eighths of an inch"?

    Another question... how do you write an inch & a half? 1.4 inches???
    Thanks for your help!
  5. jabogitlu Senior Member

    As far as I know they're just called "eighths of an inch" - i.e. "The plank is six -eighths of an inch wide"

    But just as I made this post, I recalled that inches are also divided into "quarters" - (1/4). Three quarters of an inch.

    Feet, Inches, Half an Inch (1/2), Quarters of an Inch, Eighths of an Inch, Sixteenths of an Inch. Logically, it could continue thirty-secondths (1/32) of an inch, sixty-fourths (1/64) of an inch, but no one ever uses these as there's no reason to be that specific.

    So, sorry about forgetting the 1/4's.

    An inch and a half? 1.5 inches or 1 1/2 inches.
  6. Yuribear

    Yuribear Senior Member

    Español, Mex-USA
    Thanks so much Jabogitlu for the info. It is confusing when your brain works in the metric system.:rolleyes:
  7. abeltio Senior Member

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    In machining and mechanical applications we normally use: thousands of an inch (0.001") for example when aligning machinery.

    So, there are two types of inch subdivision: power of 1/2
    1/2, (1/2)^2= 1/4, (1/2)^3= 1/8, (1/2)^4= 1/16, 1/32, 1/64
    usually used on rulers and measuring tapes.
    Sizes in 1/64th of an inch is used in many mechanical applications like wire gage and small screw and nuts.

    And the decimal subdivision... mostly used in mechanical measuring equipment and applications like calipers or vernier, micrometers, feeler gages and machine alignment, clearances, etc.
    The most used unit is: 0.001in (a "thou")

    So... if with a ruler we measure 1"1/8, with a micrometer we would measure: 1.125 in


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