1. SaWol New Member

    Paris, France
    English - England
    Bonjour, comment est-ce qu'on aurait traduire 'incidentally' dans la phrase suivante:
    ...(un nom)..., qui "incidentally" a été nommé comme la plus grande influence par pleusieurs jeunes artistes, lui-même nie toute influence extérieure dans son travail.
    Merci à l'avance.
  2. Aglandau Senior Member

    Scotland. English.
    par ailleurs ?
  3. Skellia New Member

    French - France
    peut etre 'au faite' mais je pense que 'par ailleurs' reste le meilleur choix.
  4. Risleure Member

    Français - France
    Why not
  5. jann

    jann co-mod'

    English - USA
    Did you mean au fait? :)
  6. Skellia New Member

    French - France
    yes sorry!! I will be more careful next time
  7. Topsie

    Topsie Senior Member

    Avignon, France
    Untel, qui entre parenthèses a été nommé... (?)
  8. Tenorman Senior Member

    English. United Kingdom.
    Is 'soit dit en passant' an expression which is used in everyday speech?
    I can't remember where i got it from but as it doesn't appear in this thread, i get the feeling that i might be trying to learn something that is nonsense.
    Merci d'avance,
  9. Koven Member

    I wouldn't say that you can hear "soit dit en passant" very frequently but it is certainly not an obscure expression. If you use it, everybody will understand you. I think it is a great translation of "incidentally".
  10. Tenorman Senior Member

    English. United Kingdom.
    Thank you for your reassurance, Koven. I'm glad i didn't abandon it. I like it. It 'slips off the tongue', as we say, and is fairly easily remembered!


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