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  1. Maika

    Maika Senior Member

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    Mexico - Spanish

    Ando medio tarada, ¿me ayudan?
    ¿Cómo pongo "inciso"?

    Ej. Recital 1, "inciso" k)

    Gracias mil !!!
  2. Artrella Banned


    Maika, esta es la definición que aparece en el diccionario WR

    inciso m (paréntesis) digression: nos dijo, a modo de inciso, que..., she told us in passing that...

    - Source: Diccionario Espasa Concise © 2000 Espasa Calpe


    inciso m 1. TIPO subsection 2. LING (paréntesis) parenthesis; (coma) comma 3. (al relatar) aside 4. (en documentos) interpolation

    (from Diccionario Cambridge Klett Compact)

    This is a difficult one, huh? Hope this helps!
  3. Maika

    Maika Senior Member

    Ciudad de México
    Mexico - Spanish
    Thanks, that's what I had, I think I will use parenthesis, although dont like it very much. It is for an agreement, and agreements are terrible, boring, too plain for me !
  4. ILT

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    Depending on the document I'm translating, I usually use "section" or "subsection". My boss is a lawyer and I've found this are the terms he's more confortable with.


  5. Maika

    Maika Senior Member

    Ciudad de México
    Mexico - Spanish

    My boss is also a lawyer. =)

    But right now I am translating a lease agreement into English, and am tired, it is very hot here in Mexico now, and..... it's Friday ....... and...... lol cannot think very well. So I could use subsection, right? cause section would be the title (the recital), right?
  6. Artrella Banned


    Hi ILT! Question, I am always reading "tax law" and I was wondering exactly the same as Maika asked, does the word "section" or "subsection" apply in tax law the same way? I think it does, what do you know about this?
  7. keyl Senior Member

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    Argentina-Spanish / USA
    yo usaria "section", porque, crease o no, he traducido un documento que tenia "incisos" y "Sub-incisos" en cuyo caso, la palabra "subsections" me vino, como decimos los argentinos, "al pelo"

  8. Kungli Senior Member

    Central AmericanSpanish/EnglishUSA
    I just want to add that in two separate government documents referring to the same report...
    the Spanish uses inciso (Artículo X, inciso ii)
    the English corresponds with (Article X, par. ii)
  9. chio70 New Member

    Ecuador, Castellano
    Thanks for all your comments. I also do legal translations, and I am really happy to know that I am not the only one. Take care all of you.
  10. dauda98 Senior Member

    United States
    The correct translation is: Article I, Section II. The term subsection can be used only when the referenced text is devided in sections (eg. article I, section II, subsection A. So basically, you need to look at your source and see how it is devided. As for the suggested "par.", I assume that they are referring to word "paragraph", which is not the correct equivalent for inciso (by the way "parenthesis" would make no sense either).

    Hope that helps.
  11. mihabana Senior Member

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    Y yo que por anios andaba usando "incise" por "inciso"... Parece que como que sonaba bien o parecido... No wonder people looked at me funny! :)

    Thanks guys!
  12. elcarnicero88 Senior Member

    I use "subsection".
  13. David

    David Banned

    Article I Section II sounds like a constitution.

    There is no specific rule. There many different schemes for classifying legislation under articles, sections, chapters, books, titles, paragraphs, clauses, numerales, literales, incisos, subíncisos, etc etc etc. "Inciso" merely means "a sub-division" of the previous unit, whatever that may be called. Pick a scheme a stick to it for a particular document. You could also just use the American standard form of abbreviation, avoiding the translation of "inciso" altogether!

    "Recital 1(k)" which clearly indicates Recital 1, inciso k.
  14. jeph1566 Member

    American English
    I think subsection makes sense. For example, I'm reading a document that says..... bajo la Sección 157, incisos (b)(2)(A) y (b)(2)(O), del Título 28 del Código de ...........
  15. davehuert

    davehuert Senior Member

    "Section" and "subsection"

    Siempre funciona. No os quebréis la cabeza.

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