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Last week I asked the forum for a translation for the word "inclusivity." One member suggested, "inclusivité," until other French members pointed out that the word is heard in Canada, but not in France. Didier suggested "absence d'exclusive" but I wanted to get other members' opinions as well as to what to use other than "inclusivité."

The English translation given for "inclusivity" in the document I am translating is this: "Inviting and welcoming all to be valued equally and to share information, leadership, power and participation equally."

Merci tout le monde.
  • francois

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    Hello Sprentic,
    Could you please tell us what is the whole sentence in which you have to use this word. May be the context would help us to give you the translation.


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    Thanks. I thought "absence d'exclusive" did not sound right.

    Francois, I don't have a sentence for you, but I did post the definition above. The document I am translating includes words followed by definitions. I have the feeling there really is not a French word equivalent.


    S. Prentice
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