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I think unmistakable sounds very bad. Is there another possible translation for inconfondibile?

unmistakable suona troppo male. Altre proposte per tradurre inconfondibile.

ps unmistakable for an Eng people sounds good? It could be used for the title of a column, or to describe a thing?
  • Unconfoundable exists, but is unusual outside a technical context.

    Distinctive can sometimes be a synonym.

    Unmistakable, though, sounds perfectly OK to English-speakers as a translation for all the most common instances of inconfondibile, e.g.:

    il rumore inconfondibile di un esercito in marcia
    [Alfredo Balducci]
    the unmistakable sound of an army on the march

    per uno che ci é passato, é inconfondibile
    [Bebetta Campeti]
    for anyone who's ever been there, it's unmistakable

    il viso di Théros ha [...] una bellezza strana, [...] inconfondibile
    [Grazia Deledda]
    Théros's face has a strange, unmistakable/distinctive beauty

    nello stile grafico inconfondibile di sua figlia
    [Walter Giordani]
    in his daughter's unmistakable/distinctive handwriting style

    abbiamo sentito il sibilo inconfondibile di un obice
    [Gianni Repetto]
    we heard the unmistakable whistle of a howitzer

    N.B. also inconfondibilità = unmistakableness / distinctiveness