incontrare difficoltà


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    Pensavo che meet potesse essere più adatto al caso in cui si incontra fisicamente qualcuno. Non esistono espressioni che traducono anche in senso meno letterale?


    Bella frase.
    Potresti dare maggiori chiarimenti riguardo il contesto in cui poter adoperare

    such a hard time

    come traduzione di "difficoltà"
    Credo tu possa usarla ogni volta che si intende "avere dei problemi/difficoltà a fare qualcosa".

    I had a hard time teaching my kids how to use the fork.
    Paul is having a hard time dealing with his boss.
    Jennie had a hard time when her mum got sick with cancer.


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    I didn't imagine/I never imagined I'd have such a hard time solving this issue/fixing this problem/sorting this out.
    I like Paul's suggestion, I have just added some alternatives.
    As a matter of fact encountering difficulties/meeting difficulties are very common expressions. However, of course we can say something similar in many ways. (I thought you just needed confirmation of "incontrare difficoltà.;))

    "having a hard time" is the same as "having a difficult time" = it was difficult for me.

    I had such a hard time in my math's exam, everything I had learned went out the window! = The math's exam was very difficult for me....
    However, I wouldn't say that "I met with difficulties in my math's exam.
    With regard to "encountering/meeting difficulties it will be the same as the Italian, it's as though you are walking along a path that you think will be smooth but then you meet/encounter rocks, i.e. difficulties that you have to overcome. (Actually that's not too bad.....I'm encountering some unexpected difficulties in trying to overcome this problem.)

    Afterthought: "difficulties" here could actually be obstacles/set backs.

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