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I'm having trouble with the word "swag". The context here is the promotion of a product.

"The concept can be a logo, slogan, or unifying theme. Lastly, make sure to incorporate swag and multiple channels in your marketing. "

Could "swag" mean humor in this context, or does it refer to something material?

My try: "Ce concept peut être un logo, un slogan ou un thème fédérateur. Enfin, n'oubliez pas d'intégrer un peu d'humour et plusieurs canaux dans votre plan marketing. "

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  • Uncle Bob

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    Wikipedia gives, amonst the definitions: (slang) "Swag, promotional items given away at trade fairs and events."

    That seems to be humorously linked to the definition I knew - booty, loot, the proceeds of robbery.

    No idea for the French equivalent though.
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