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In another forum (not WR) I posted the following:
Attributed (incorrectly) to Mark Twain:
"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."
Later, I started wondering about my use of the word “incorrectly”. Should it have been “erroneously”, or just plain “wrongly”?
Looking up the definitions or “incorrect” and “erroneous” in the WR dictionary, I find that “erroneous” is “incorrect”... :confused:

What is the best choice here? What are the differences / nuances between "incorrectly" / "erroneously" / "wrongly"?

May I have the benefit of your wisdom?
  • ewie

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    I would've happily used any of those three words there, Pete:) As is always the case, though, they won't always be interchangeable:(
    The main difference I see between them is that erroneous is higher register than wrong, with incorrect falling between, but that isn't to say wrong is 'low' register, just 'lower' than the other two.
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