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One more question that concerns football. At FIFA WC 2010 in South Africa Spain became the world champion, but the first match was unpredictably lost to Switzerland and many fans and football experts considered that Spain would not manage to repeat its triump at EURO2008 when it beat Germany in the final game. However, after that Spain became much better and won all the oher matches it played. Can we say that Spain started [increasing/collecting] [turn/turns] meaning that it was gradually getting better and better and finally reached the final match?

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    No, that doesn't sound right! They might be said to have made a "turnaround" after their first game, but the other choices you have don't suggest any other possible idiom you might be thinking of!

    In BE we use Spain (or any other country's name) as a collective plural - as you can tell from my response. Thus "Spain are the world champions". It's a little different in AE but that's in other threads :D
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