incredible slanting viaducts


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Dear guys
Please tell me what "slanting" means in the following passage, taken from "The Camera Eye (31)", "1919', by John Dos Passos:
It was a night of enormous fog through which moved blunderingly the great blind shapes of steamboat sirens from the lower bay
in the bow of the ferry we breathed the rancid river breeze talking loud in a shouting laugh
out of the quiet streets of Weehawken incredible slanting viaducts lead up into the fog
Does it mean that the viaducts looked incredibly slant in the fog?
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    Weehawken is at the southern end of the steep cliffs called the Palisades that line the New Jersey side of the Hudson River across from New York. Presumably, the viaducts lead from the water's edge up onto the level of the top of the cliffs -- and so they would need to slant at unexpected angles. At that time one also would have seen the surprising wagon elevators that existed in Weehawken. Look at this page; it will make the idea much clearer (including the pictures!):
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