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Hi guys,

I need to translate in Italian "incremental sales", but I have no idea what is the right translation: "vendite progressive", "vendite in eccesso" you have any advices? thanks F
  • Westmin

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    Welcome Westmin, I think we need more context to help...
    I have read on a business PPT presentation the headline: "$2 Million in incremental sales", however, I don't know what is the right Italian translation - incremental sales means the quantity of products/services sold through a sales promotion. Does it mean "vendite in eccesso or vendite progressive"?


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    So if normally in one month you'd sell $10 million, then you have a "special" for the next month and you sell $12 million, there is a $2 million increment.

    I think your "ecesso" or "progressive" work, but I also wonder about "marginale" - in a formal context.

    Edit: HERE from Eur-Lex they use "aumento".


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    Se ti riferisci all'aumento delle vendite dovuto alle promozioni puoi tradurlo tranquillamente come "vendite incrementali".
    Non credo che "vendite progressive" sarebbe corretto in quanto, nel campo delle vendite, il termine "progressivo" si riferisce alle vendite effettuate fino a quel momento.
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