inculpé dans l'affaire des abus

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    "Il n'y a jamais eu dans le province qui que ce soit qui fut inculpe dans l'affaire des abus."

    1) "qui que ce soit qui" I'm having trouble making sense of this phrase.

    2) Could "abus" translate as "abuse" in this case, or would "maltreatment" be more correct?

    Thank you.
  2. clavie Member

    Canada - french
    qui que ce soit would be "nobody" or "anybody"

    abus would be more in the sense of abuse of power, I would think
  3. Focalist Senior Member

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    "Not one person in the province has ever been charged in the corruption affair"

    The translation of "abus" depends on the precise context. I've suggested "corruption", though, as Clavie says, "abuse of power" might be more appropriate. It's less likely to be abuse in the sense of, for example, child abuse or other abuse of persons, as there are other legal terms for that.

    "qui que ce soit" means "anyone AT ALL"; in a negative sentence "no-one at all" (it corresponds, in old-fashioned, legalese English, to: "who(m)soever it might be").

  4. mainflag Senior Member

    Very helpful. Thank you.
  5. multae gentes Senior Member

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    In this case, corruption seems unduly precise. Would "mismanagement" be acceptable ?
  6. Fred_C

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    "abus" cannot have this meaning in French.

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