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    Greetings! The following phrase is an excerpt from an interview with a person facing the challenge of choosing between two careers.

    " ... se me presentó esta oportunidad de incursionar en el medio y tomé la decisión."

    Question: How would this same thought be translated into English? My Spanish/English dictionary defines 'incursionar' as incurción and inroad. Neither of these definitions are helpful to me as far as leading towards a meaningful interpretation or understanding of the phrase.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Bil

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    "to make incursions/forays into"

    "The opportunity to venture into this medium presented itself to me, so I jumped on it." :)
  3. Pedro P. Calvo Morcillo

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    incursionar. 2. intr. Am. Realizar una actividad distinta de la habitual.
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    Many thanks to both of you. You 'hit the nail on the head!' The interview was with a person who had to choose between a college career and a career as an actress. She chose to be an actress and is presently starring in a TV novela that I watch, so now that phrase (although idiomatic) makes perfect sense!

    mil gracias!

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