incursioni d’autore

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    Hi could someone help me with with this? I really don't understand what it means!!!

    Here's the original sentence:

    Dal cinema di impegno civile alla commedia all’italiana, passando attraverso le incursioni d’autore e la contestazione, il poliziesco e il cinema di genere, in un cortocircuito fra riso e denuncia, sull’esile filo del grottesco, dove tanti si sono avventurati, ma pochi con senso dell’equilibrio.

    It's about a book dealing with different forms of cinema.

  2. Matrap

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    Hi FPAO

    "Incursioni d'autore" here means something along the lines of "forays into the art films".

    Hope this helps :)
  3. FPAO Senior Member

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    ok thanks a lot :)
  4. Alessandrino Senior Member

    Pretty much literally: forays into art cinema.

    EDIT: sorry Matrap!
  5. underhouse Senior Member

    Hi FPAO,

    this is going to be a tough one!
    "autore" is anyone who in literature or cinema is able to define their own style in a distinctive manner which is different from mainstream production (e.g. Michelangelo Antonioni can be regarded as an "autore" as well as Jim Jarmusch or Lars Von Trier). Since "Incursione" is Italian for "raid" (take it figuratively), I understand "incursione d'autore" meaning an "autore" who kind of experiments or explores a genre which is not his own (it is a metaphor).
    Hope it helps!


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