indeed vs nevertheless????


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hello :)
Can I use in this context nevertheless rather than indeed?
I try to find a synonym of "indeed" due to I have alredy used it.
Thank you ;)

As far as the harsh effects of treatments allowed them, women did not fear venturing outside their homes in an attempt to avoid rehection and pitty from others. Indeed, Nevertheless women emphasized the urgency to remain active member of the village as shopers, as mothers taking their children to the swimming pool, as (home)-workers, as participants during the summer festival, as family caretakers, as neighbourgs, ect. As Maria highlighted: “the best therapy was the street”..
  • Nevertheless is closer in meaning to "regardless" and "however" and "despite this"
    I am allergic to apples. However, I have some. This sentence also works with "neverheless" and "despite this".

    I like apples. Indeed, I love apple pie. Indeed does not work without the immediate contrast. So, in your example, indeed works because their lack of fear and their actions (first sentence) are fits with the message they emphasize (second sentence). You could use, if you with, the phrase "in fact".

    I like reading. In fact, I am a fanatic reader.

    You could also use, for the sake of variety, "also", "additionally", and that type of words when a phrase is followed by another phrase that has the same type of message. It´s not exactly right everytime, but feel free to post some examples.
    bibliolept said:
    Nevertheless is closer in meaning to "regardless" and "however" and "despite this"
    Right, of course. I'd go so far as to say that "indeed" is the opposite in meaning to "nevertheless."
    Thank you:)
    I will use "in fact"
    Is there something else apart from "indeed" or "in fact"?, I try to avoid using the same words all the time!
    Thank you once again! ;)
    You could use "As a matter of fact" instead of "in fact", but because of it's length you probably can't use it very often, because it tends to stick out.

    As I said, you can try also and additionally (like you might use "ademas" and también" in Spanish).
    Indeed is often like an exclamation point.

    She is a fine looking woman indeed.
    Indeed we may that he was a dreamer, but he wasn't only one.

    It can also mean yes, or of course.

    You are coming with me, aren't you.