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Spooky Mulder

The US English translation lists “fink” - having grown up in the US, I’ve never heard this word, but I have often heard “narc” or “snitch” to the same effect. When I looked up the entry for “narc” in FR->EN, it only described the literal meaning as an anti-drug police officer, but the word is quite common in the US when used to describe anyone who “narcs” or “snitches,” not just police officers. E.g. a high schooler talks about a secret party to other kids and says, “Don’t tell Bob, he’s a narc.”
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your message. Both our own English definition dictionary and Merriam-Webster confirm that fink has this meaning. Merriam-Webster does also confirm your 'narc' though (I suspect this is actually an American adoption of the British 'nark', which M-W lists as a rarer alternative spelling). I've left fink in, but I've also added 'narc'. You'll see it online after the next dictionary update.