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The following appears in a lawyer engagement letter:

You requested to render our legal services as described herein in order to acquire real estate property, indicatively the immovable property apartment b2 at xxx.

6.2. We shall not be liable to you for (indicatively):
(i) the negligent acts or advice or breach of contract of or by third party advisers of other third parties who may be instructed in relation to our work for you;

The Client hereby states that he accepts unreservedly the fact that he/she will be putting (depositing) us in funds (i.e. by bank transfers/remittances to our firm's bank account (indicatively the Bank Account stated in the Appendix).

In these sentences, what does "indicatively" mean?

Thanks in advance!
  • entangledbank

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    I have never seen this word in legal use, or indeed anywhere in common use. It looks like a mistranslation to me. Was this originally not in English? It seems to have the basic force of "namely, that is"; but from the meaning of the word 'indicative', I would guess it might also have some legal implication like "but not limited to".


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    This is strange text, containing errors in vocabulary and grammar. Is this a translation from another language into English?
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