Indigenous bacteria and non-indigenous bacteria

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  1. isabelh New Member

    ¿Alguién sabe cómo se traduce indigenous y non-indigenous cuando se hace referencia a bacterias? gracias
  2. Albpharma Senior Member

    Spaniard in UK
    yo usaría native bacteria pero he visto que en google hay muchas entradas con indigenous bacteria... espera a los natives ...
  3. Lagartija

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    Western Massachusetts
    English, USA
    Either "native" or "indigenous" would describe bacteria found where the sample was taken. A scientific article would use "indigenous". That word is usually used when speaking about animals, plants or people found in a particular location (in the scientific sense).
  4. isabelh New Member

    Gracias a ambos, creo que encontré los términos adecuados: bacterias autóctonas y alóctonas.

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