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There's a Spanish adverb that means something like "without regard to the differences" ("indistintamente," for the curious). The definition offered translates to "It's used for petrol and diesel cars _______." Yet the direct translation given when you put it into the Spanish-English search dialog is "indistinctly."

I hesitate to claim that the site's dictionary is incorrect, but it's led to sentences like "You may say the two words indistinctly." from the English-second-language fellows in the Spanish fora. I keep wanting to respond with something like "I suppose you could, but we'd much prefer you to enunciate."

Can one use a part for a car indistinctly? I'd think that something like "equally" or "interchangeably" would fit much better.
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    Interchangeably is good, as is indiscriminately, although that has a relatively negative spin.