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But it’s important to note that for native peoples life
after death doesn’t involve the survival of the personality – or the ego – for the rest of eternity. For them life after death rarely means immortality. As Levy-Bruhl points out, “Everywhere primitives believe in survival, but nowhere do they regard it as unending.” The Dyaks of Sarawak, for example, believe that everyone dies between three and seven times, until their souls become absorbed into the air.​

Other native peoples have a more purely “spiritual” conception of life after death, which doesn’t feature the survival of the individual at all.

--- Does "individual" here mean "personality"? His/her personality doesn't survive?​
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    This question is almost impossible to answer because what people mean when they are discussing spiritual beliefs is more to do with the belief system than it is to do with dictionary definitions of words.

    It would appear from the context you've quoted that individual here means the sense of an ego or a single discrete being. The idea is that some cultures do not believe that this singular entity continues after death.
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