Individually and severally

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Please look at the following

What is meant by the underlined part

Even then, there were many sceptics who felt that India should not waste its energy on chasing a chimera. Apart from the unwillingness of the existing Security Council members to admit new entrants, each of the new claimants face opposition, individually and severally, from other claimants. Italy is hostile to the idea of Germany’s inclusion.

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  • Barque

    It should be individually and jointly/collectively. "Individually" and "severally" mean the same thing.

    Individually and jointly here means that opposition could come from each of the other claimants acting by itself (individually) or more than one of the other claimants acting together (jointly).

    The person who wrote it was probably influenced by the "several" in "severally" and took it to mean "collectively".
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