individually or combined = in some combination?


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Original: Bishop and Burleton (2009) propose three macro-level indicators [call them A, B, and C] that, individually or combined, can effectively measure a worker’s employment prospects in a given region.
Intended change: ... propose three macro-level indicators that, in some combination, can effectively measure ...
In the above sentence, I want to replace "individually or combined" with "in some combination". The combination can look like any of these:

Just one: A or B or C
Two: A+B or A+C or B+C
All three: A+B+C

I want to know if "in some combination" will be correct to use?
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    "In some combination" is not clear. It does not mean the same as "in any combination", and even "any combination" implies that at least 2 of them must be used.

    That is why the original uses "individually". Your alternative replaces "combined" but omits "individually or".
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