Indolence is sweet and its consequences bitter.


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I'm looking to translate the Voltaire quotation 'Indolence is sweet and its consequences bitter' into French; it isn't the translation which is the issue so much as finding the stylistic manner in which it was originally phrased, as I'm looking to find its documentary provenance.

I've done all of the usual online research [looking through French pages of Voltaire quotations, searching around with my own translation, looking up aspects of the phrase separately on French sites], but I'm getting nowhere - it seems that the English translation likely isn't literal, and also isn't well-known in the Francophonie.

If there's anyone out there that could help, it'd be much appreciated.

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    That's absolutely, incredibly perfect. I'd spent an hour doing my best on this as it's vital to an essay I'm putting together, but...ten minutes and people with skills? Problem solved.

    Thank you very, very much.

    Off to the faculty library... :)


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    You're welcome :)

    I don't know how you proceeded in your googling, but you said you had tried with your own translation, so I chose to search using only fragments:
    Voltaire "conséquences amères"
    Voltaire indolence
    Voltaire "est douce" --> this last one provided me the right answer ;)

    Glad I could help :)
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