Indonesian: can you recognize this word?

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by babaz, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Salatiga, Indonesia
    This sounds to me like: Bahasa cidanka or Bahasa cidamka.
    The first word of course is easy, it means language.
    And that would imply that cidanka is a certain language.

    However, when I try googling cidanka it seems to be a word in Somali (either cidanka or ciidanka) and there is also a Dutch packaging firm hat goes by the name of Cidanka.

    It might help if you would give some context, where does the soundbite come from?

  3. babaz Senior Member


    Thank you for your answer.

    The context could an hypocritical language.
  4. mataripis

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    I heard the sound saying Bhasa chidam ka. The speaker is a chinese but the word sounds like bahasa Indones or melayu. As a Tagalog Speaker, Chidam ka has the Tagalog translation " hiram ka". it is because both "H" and "S" appear in same word with same meaning. S in Tagalog is Ch in Bahasa. The "D" letter become "R" and "R" become "L". "Bahasa Chidam Ka" is " Salitang Hiram Ka" in Tagalog and has the english equivalent " You are borrowed word"/ or "Borrowed word".
  5. 南島君 Senior Member

    Taipei, Taiwan
    Hi babaz,

    I would say there are three words in the recording,
    with the first being "bahasa"(language) and the third "bukan"(is not).
    i am not sure what is the word in the middle, it could be "cida"(/dzhi ta/) or "jida"(/dzi ta/), both being unfamiliar to me.
    language in Kalimantan, Indonesia is using "jida" as Negative, just like "tidak" in indonesian, as it is said in wikipedia.
    Not sure if this information is useful.

    ba-ha-sa | ci-da ~ ji-da | bu-kan
    language |     ?      |Negative

  6. lifeandjoy Member

    Just found this thread. It sounds like he said "Bahasa tidak bukan". I'm not sure because that's not a complete sentence. I guess the one speaking in that recording is an English/American.
  7. babaz Senior Member


    What does that mean?
  8. lifeandjoy Member

    If they are loosely translated word by word, they would be:
    Bahasa = language
    tidak = no
    bukan = not

    But, when I try to listen to it again, the words might be in the end of an interrogative sentence. So, it could be mean "...........language. No, right?". But, it's just a guess. Is there the full version of the audio?
  9. babaz Senior Member

    Thank you.
    Yes, it's the full version.
  10. asanga Member

    If it's Indonesian "bahasa tidak bukan", it's definitely not the pronunciation of a native speaker. It sounds more like a language from mainland South-east Asia to me.
  11. kemilau New Member

    this is not Indonesian language. It sounds like Malay or Brunei's language
  12. swag123 New Member

    It sounded like he said bahasa tidak bukan which means "this is not language
  13. vincentdev Member

    no, we don't say it like that. My bet is this is simlish:p

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