Indonesian/Malay: Berapa nomor telepon pertama yang Anda miliki


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Do somebody can help me with it? I don't know where it comes from, maybe India or Indonesia, sorry for my ignorance. Seems to be hindikalam but not sure.

Berapa nomor telepon pertama yang Anda miliki??
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  • J.F. de TROYES

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    As both languages are very close, I think this sentence can be said in Malay and in Indonesian. There is a word milik , but miliki is puzzling me .
    I am not sure how to understand it, maybe " What is the first phone number of Anda ? "


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    Anda is a polite 'you', so the meaning is What is your first phone number ? (Me)miliki is 'to own' something. Literally 'How-many (the) number telephone first that you have ?' That is Indonesian/Malay indeed.

    Pierre Lucien

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    Il y a une règle de grammaire qui explique que si "Anda memiliki nomor", "vous avez un numéro", "le numéro que vous avez" se dira : "nomor yang Anda miliki", littéralement "le numéro qui est-possédé-par-vous". De même, "le numéro que je possède" sera "nomor yang kumiliki", "que tu possèdes" : "yang kaumiliki", et qu'"il ou elle possède" : "yang dimilikinya"... Une des merveilles de la forme passive et de ses usages en malais/indonésien.

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    I guess it is indonesian..
    Berapa nomor telepon pertama yang Anda miliki??
    In malaysia-Malay,it should be written as ..Berapa nombor telefon..


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    Its Indonesian...

    Berapa nomor telepon pertama yang Anda miliki ?..
    Sounds like a website registration question for me.

    It means " What is your first phone number?".

    to use capital letter for "Anda" is to show respect to the person.
    "Anda" itself is a polite option of calling someone, rather than "Kamu" or "Loe",
    but generally the meaning is same (you)