Indonesian / Malay : kata kunci sepadan

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Hello everyone,
I believe this phrase may be in Indonesian, but not entirely sure. There is very little context ; it appeared (as confirmation) once I had changed my password on another forum.
Elsewhere on this forum I found that Kata can mean say/ said or word in Malay. Also, perhaps kunci means key in Indonesian.
I would like to know how would one say sepadan in English? or to have a general idea of the meaning of the whole phrase.
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    Hi Brioche,
    Thanks for your enlightenment. :)

    If I put that all together :
    Kata word, kunci key, sepadan matching ;it gives something like matching key-word, which in the context works as a confirmation that I correctly retyped my new password.
    Just why that particular forum chose to write it in Malay rather than in English like the rest of their content, I may never know. :~


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    "Kata kunci" is a phrase that means "keyword" in english. Whereas, "sepadan" means "similar" or "match".
    So if we combine all these words:
    "Kata Kunci sepadan" means "Similar Keyword"


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    Kata kunci sepadan in such a context translates to 'matching password'/'password matches'.
    I think all else has been said that needs to be said. =]

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