Indonesian: Please pass it on.


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When sitting at the back of a packed bemo, for example, it may be impossible to put the money directly into the driver's hand.
What should one say in order to get another passenger to pass one's fare to the driver?
Please give both the formal and the colloquial equivalent if appropriate.
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  • Radwij

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    Stretch your hand and say "Tolong, kasihkan ke pak sopir." which means, (Please, pass it to the driver.)

    But in my place, I'd first say "Kiri, pak!" which mean, (to the left, sir!) or (stop, sir). And then passed the money after I walked out of the bemo. It's easier that way.


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    Many thanks - would passing the money after walking out of the bemo be okay even in frantic traffic such as in some parts of Jakarta when everyone seems to be in a terrible hurry?
    Perhaps it might be an idea at least to warn the driver of your intention - how might one best say, "I'll pay as soon as I get off", please?