Indonesian: secara ya (colloquial)


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I've heard this phrase "secara ya" used colloquially, with a brief pause in between the 2 words, but I never understood what it means exactly. I've heard it used as follows, if someone could let me know if my interpretation sounds correct that would be appreciated, esp. if one could tell me any nuance I might be missing.

1) In between sentences, eg
“Kali ini Goers mau bahas mengenai teknologi. Secara ya, zaman sekarang perkembangan teknologi diberbagai bidang itu sudah sangat pesat.”
(EN - This time, Goers wants to discuss technology. Because these days, various facets of technology have developed very rapidly.)

=> This seems to mean "because", but does it also imply something that is obvious?

2) I think I've also heard it used to end a sentence (now I don't have an example for this one), what would be the case where we use it as such, if any?

Thank you
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