Indonesian: Thank you so much that I could stay with you!


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Hello everyone!

I would like to thank someone for taking me in as a guest.

In English I would say:
Thank you so much that I could stay with you!

Are there perhaps specific Indonesian expressions one would use in such a situation?

Many thanks for any answer!
  • chatkigazouille

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    Hey Wordspin, is this written or spoken?

    If spoken:
    > Terima kasih banyak ya, Pak/Bu, buat tempatnya.
    This means Thank you very much, Sir/Madam, for the place.

    If written, this would be the most natural sounding
    > Terima kasih banyak saya boleh tinggal di tempat Bapak/Ibu.
    This means Thank you very much (that) I could stay at (your) Sir/Madam's place.

    The word stay is tinggal. This word is also used to mean live (as in place of residence), or stay (for some period of time).
    There is also singgah, which is more specific to staying for some period of time, but this word is less used in everyday register.


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    Hi chatkigazouille, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your detailed answer!

    I was wondering how to say it and am very happy that, thanks to you, I now even know how to write it.