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Hello all, I just found this forum and would like to ask for a few phrases in Indonesian. My gf is from Medan and this will be my first time visiting her in her home country (I met her originally in Singapore last year.)

Thanks to some internet friends from years ago, I do know a few phrases already, such as:

aku cinta padamu
apa khabar? / khabar baik
Terimah Kasih / Kembali
Aku rindu padamu

and a few other miscellaneous words...

I would like to learn a few new phrases for when I arrive (next week!)

You mean the world to me
You're very special to me (I *might* know part of this already.. "Kamu sangat istimewa padaku"?)

Any replies would be most appreciated!

Terimah kasih banyak!

  • allec

    New Member
    Hi Bryan,
    some correction in your words:

    thank you = terima kasih not terimah kasih

    and "You're very special to me"
    yes, you can say "Kamu sangat istimewa padaku"
    and also "kamu sangat istimewa bagiku"

    good luck ;)
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