indoor guy?


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I reckon indoor guy is a guy prefers to stay at home, but I have troubles in understanding this phrase in the title of the article linked. This is not a long article, please take a few minutes to scan it through.

This article is talking about the controversial ad. featuring Robert Jarvik, but as per my understanding, it has nothing to do with "indoor guy". Please help, thanks.

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    Jarvik is pictured rowing across a lake, but it's not him -- it's a "double" put in there by the advertising company. Indoor guy alludes to the fact (not backed up in the article) that he's not athletic -- or at least not so athletic that he's a rower, as he is pictured.


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    Your instinct on the meaning of the phrase is right. The author is suggesting that Jarvik doesn't row but a "double" is used to show Jarvik rowing (I don't know, by the way, whether this is true or not). The author is suggesting that Jarvik is not an "outdoorsy" kind of guy but the advertisement for Lipitor suggests that he is.
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