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    Hi everyone.

    So why did they use the word "industrial" in the title? I can only guess, because it seems that blind people that have been admitted to that institution didn't do anything "industrial": they were just receiving some services directed to help them feel more comfortavle in life.

    Here's the link
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    The name was changed about 20 years ago to drop the word "industrial." My guess is that, originally, the institution taught skills to the blind that could be used to secure employment in industry.
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    I don't know how it was in the U.S., but in Sweden blind people living in institutions in the past was known to make brooms, baskets and weave.
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    Dear MuttQuad and AutumnOwl, as I understand now the Industrial Homes helped blind people to get training in some particular field and then employment. Could you also please help me understand the following sentence from an article I read in NY Times, where from this question actually arised:

    Josh learned to use a cane and situated himself at the Industrial Home for the Blind in Brooklyn Heights. His father built a bunk bed that was part jungle gym, with all kinds of bars and levels, so Josh could climb and stretch his scarred underarms.

    What I can't understand is, did the boy start living in the Industrial home and his dad made him that bunk bed there, or did he just start to attend it, say only in day time, and his dad made the bunk at home? It's not really clear to me, why would parents want their 4-year blind son to go living in a rehab (unless only that institutiion could provide the condiditons required for a blind child).
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    A link (and a lot more explanation about Josh and whatever befell him) would have helped. I gather that he was for some reason brutally attacked as a small child and was blinded and crippled as a result. (?)

    My guess is that "situated himself" (an odd phrase) meant that he went there only after he got older. You don't send a four-year-old to learn a craft.
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    There is a link in post #4, Having read the article it seems as Josh was living at home with his parents and siblings. I think that he went to the Industrial Home for the Blind to learn to use a cane and to learn Braille during the day like a school, not that he was living there permanently. My guess is that the Home got it's name at a time when blind children and youths wasn't expected to live at home, but placed in an institution, and the name was kept even when it no longer was a home where blind children lived permanentlyl

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