1. donivan Senior Member

    Sé que se dice "incomprehensible", pero si diría "ununderstandable", se entendería? no hay otra variante a "inentendible", "incomprensible" (una acción, comportamiento)??

    gracias "in advance"!
  2. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
  3. FromPA

    FromPA Senior Member

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    USA English
    "Ununderstandable" would be understood, but you would be inventing a new word that would sound wrong and/or humorous, depending on the context. If you want to stick with the root "understand," then maybe "non-understandable." Incomprehensible or unintelligible would be much better though.
  4. donivan Senior Member

    Oh thanks. And how does one realize if it's "un" or "non"? is there any rule or it's just how it sounds?

  5. AdrienDeLaChicago

    AdrienDeLaChicago Senior Member

    Unintelligible works well but unintelligible can also infer lack of comprehension. Maybe "inentendible" in Spanish has the same dual meaning depending on context. But when I've heard people in Spanish use the term inentendible it referred to the inability to understand someone because this person doesn't enunciate his words clearly.

    So when it has to do with poor enunciation it might be better to simply say "not understandable." Saying 'non-understandable' isn't necessarily inaccurate but it's unnatural and comes off like a general adjectival labeling of nouns that are not people. Examples would be:

    Nonpoisonous snakes are harmless.
    Nonporous surfaces resist moisture damage.

    Actions of humans can also be labeled this way in English:

    My offer to sell my car for $2,000 is non-negotiable.

    She keeps talking nonstop.

    The use of 'un' applies to people.

    She is unstoppable and is highly motivated.

    He is unbeatable and always wins.

    She is annoying and I find her unbearable.
  6. Milamari Member

    English & Spanish
    First of all, I would like to advise against inventing new words in an effort to solve this type of problems. In fact, it is advisable not to make this a habit for obvious reasons. In the case of "incomprehensible," I think the best solution would be the last "not understandable" or we often tend to say "beyond my/anyone´s understanding" que traduciría literalmente "más allá de mi comprehensión/más allá de la comprehensión de cualquiera " o "incomprehensible". Hope this helps. Milamari
  7. Bark

    Bark Senior Member

    London (UK)
    Español de España
    Aside of the translation to English, I believe "inentendible" does not exist in Spanish, the word is "ininteligible". Please correct me if I am wrong but I have often been told off because of using "inentendible".


  8. Rubns

    Rubns Senior Member

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    You're right, the DRAE doesn't include "inentendible", it should be: "ininteligible".

  9. iribela Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    Corregido para evitar confusiones.
  10. AdrienDeLaChicago

    AdrienDeLaChicago Senior Member

    Thank you for the correction. I heard the word "entendible" once while watching a youtube video where a couple (native Spaniard female and an English man) used "entendible" to describe a man's heavy Andalusian accent. Apparently I made the false assumption that adding "in" would apply to infer the opposite.

    I apologize for perpetuating false information.


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