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    Hola a todos y gracias anticipadas.

    Estoy intentando traducir "maquinaria de tratamiento e inertización de residuos biológicos" y no encuentro un equivalente de inertización en inglés.
    ¿Quizá "Inerting system"?. Pero no encuentro en ningún diccionario el término "inerting". Gracias por la ayuda.
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    Google "waste inertization" for more information.

    Def. Inertization is a variant of encapsulation and involves removing the packaging materials, paper, cardboard and plastic, from the pharmaceuticals. Pills need to be removed from their blister packs. The pharmaceuticals are then ground and a mix of water, cement and lime added to form a homogenous paste. The paste is then transported in the liquid state by concrete mixer truck to a landfill and decanted into the normal urban waste. The paste then sets as a solid mass dispersed within the municipal solid waste. The process is relatively inexpensive and can be carried out with unsophisticated equipment.
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    Thanks, Christelleny. Do you think that it works?:

    "Dispone de la tecnología precisa para la fabricación de maquinaria de tratamiento e inertización de residuos biológicos, procedentes de actividades hospitalarias y/o sanitarias".

    "It has the precise technology to manufacture machinery of treatment and inertization of biological wastage, coming from hospitable and/or sanitary activities."
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