"inexorable" and "implacable"


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What is the difference between "inexorable" and "implacable"?
May I say "Time is going implacably"? and another example "the hedge is growing inexorably"?
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    Hello Flint, and welcome to WordReference :)

    Check the definitions for these words in our dictionary - inexorable - implacable

    You'll see that inexorable can be applied to things that are dynamic, implacable can't. It carries a sense of inevitability.

    Implacable, as you'll see, means essentially "cannot be placated" - "cannot be appeased".

    That means you can't really talk about time passing or hedges growing implacably. If anything, they are doing so inexorably.


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    Inexorable: eternal, can't be changed e.g. "The monsoon sweeps violently each year across Southeast Asia, forever and ever inexorable".
    Implacable. can't be beaten or overcome. "The little band of warriors prepared themselves for battle against implacable odds".