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Inexorable means which is stubborn, unaltered, not changeable, impossible to stop or persuade.
Am confused in this term "Jacobean tragedy in which a dynasty is inexorably eliminated" . Does that mean dynasty is finished or ??

And also with this term"time marches on inexorably" Please clear my doubt with the words inexorable, inexorably...
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    In both cases, "inexorably" means irrevocably (irrevocable: impossible to be reversed, cancelled, etc.). In the first quote, it entails the fact that there is no one left alive to further the dynasty. In the second, just the definition -- time goes on and cannot be reversed, rewound.


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    A common feature of Jacobean tragedies is short life expectancy among the characters. I suppose it means that members of the dynasty are murdered one after another. There is no way of stopping this sequence - it is inexorable.
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